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Enchanting Nature


Castle Resort

Noise. Silence. Noise. Silence.

I cross the street: cars, silence. Siren, bridge, silence.

Tram, motorcycle, heels, smoking, smog. Silence.

And then gray, then the sun, after the solitude and the multitude, the

thousand faces, a few friends, many friends, working, sleeping,

working, sleeping, talking, and then: silence.

The sound of a nightingale touches my ear.

Silence. Silence. Silence.

I can’t even see the castle, but it’s there, or so they say.

I find a path after the village, that it goes snaking up around the hill.

Suddenly great totems appears, emerging as epiphanies from the earth

or, who knows, from the darkness of my psyche.

I guess they are the remains of past collapsed rock, maybe.

Or even some ancient people’s houses who lived in this land.

Pure forms, simple, I feel like if they give off a primitive force.

I am attracted by these objects.

I walk and I still see some objects along the path that make me think

about shapes that I saw at the beginning.

I’m in the woods, I didn’t even realized that.

Suddenly I realize more reference points, only the path and this

objects guide me through this labyrinth.

I would lose myself, I would lose myself in the woods, following

the path in the dark, climbing up the mountain, passing between

the trees, touching the trunks and then disappearing into the sky.

A deep noise seems coming up from the underground, like an heartquake.

The swishing of the wind through the trees.

The creaking of the branches bent by the wind.

The rustle of dry leaves on the ground.

The very remote voice of a running waters.

The sound of a large bird, stood up in the air.

The sweet sound of crickets.

The cry of an owl.

But two or three times I feel the real silence, the solemn silence

of the ancient forests, that it’s not comparable with any other in the world

and that very few people listened too.

Some totems are great megaphones that amplify the sounds of nature

at a certain frequency. They are made of wood at the interior,

that explains the reason because the acoustic effect is delicate but neat.

I lie in one of these totems and I start listening

to the richness of forest’ sound, as well as the silence.

A strange place, primitive but relaxing and safe.

An atavistic place to listen to the book of nature.

I’m in the castle.

There are ancient ruins turned up into landscape by wind and time.

My attention is caught by a great snake twisted around the castle, it’s

like if he wants to defend that and he lean by the wall. I still walk and

for the first time I discover a different environment. I can see beyond

the valley, everything becomes indefinite.

I check under my head, there is a column of fog.

A supernatural cosmic connection, it is pointing to the sky.

I must climb. I stop. I could hear the sounds that i heard before,

they are unclear, far away. I feel only the wind.

I let myself be carried away from thoughts towards another dimension.

Collaboration with 

arch. Valentina Cianfriglia, arch. Barbara D’Alessandro, arch. Lorenzo Di Folco, arch. Arianna Monetini, arch. Francesco Nicolai


Young Architects Competitions


18 aprile 2017

Progetto Sani

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