In the event for the – Centenario di Roma Marittima 1916|2016 – fits the architectural Workshop – Ostia Autumn School 2016 -, organized by AIAC, Associazione Italiana Architettura e Critica, and the Order of the Architects of Rome.

Tutor – Gianluca Peluffo 5+1AA

Our design will be a dance.

They will dance moves, placing his feet on archaic monoliths, halfway between the milestones and the dolmens.

This dance will rise to the hexagon, the stones will mark the points, vertices, which will allow us mentally to reconstruct the shape.
This dance is a path.
This path is a narrative.
How to roll with the Peruzzi, the Trajan Column.
This path is the archaeological museum.
Along this path we go down or we perceive from above the archaeological remains and the nature around the hexagon.

The route by touching the hexagon heads towards what was the Porto Station.

Our proposal is to recover the stand at the railway route connecting Rome to Fiumicino.

This place would become the starting point of the perceptual and narrative path of the excavations.

Group – Matteo Romanelli, Arianna Monetini, Barbara D’Alessandro, Chiara Sturiale, Dario Pecorella, Francesco Nicolai, Lorenzo Di Folco, Mattia BencistĂ , Valentina Cianfriglia.

Le piazze fanno...Centro

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